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Juan YanJuan Yan came to the United States with her husband and young daughter to be closer to her in-laws nearly 10 years ago. She was a manager in a retail store in China, but since coming to this country she has concentrated on raising her children. She has three, one born in China and two born here. Once her children reached school-age, Juan Yuan could concentrate on her own education and career.

She came to The Immigrant Learning Center to learn English and study for the citizenship exam. Juan Yan recently became a U.S. citizen and could not be more proud. In March, she found a job at Dunkin Donuts where she can work while her children are in school. Now that she has achieved her goals, she has stopped coming to The ILC, and one of the 800 people on the waiting list can start pursuing their dreams.

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Diane Portnoy







Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

Denzil Mohammed

Spotlight on Public Education

In this interview with Re-imagining Migration, The ILC Public Education Institute Director Denzil Mohammed explains our work to support educators and combat mis-information and anti-immigrant bias.

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The latest free webinar from The ILC Public Education Institute, Beyond Partisan: Bridging Divides Across the Immigration Debate, on Wednesday, May 8, 2019,  features experts sharing the national landscape of immigration opinion, the messages that resonate best with Americans and strategies for building coalitions across political lines.

The Immigrant Learning Center®, Inc. (ILC) of Malden, MA, is a not-for-profit organization that gives immigrants a voice in three ways. The English Language Program provides free, year-round English classes to immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Boston to help them become successful workers, parents and community members. The Public Education Institute informs Americans about the economic and social contributions of immigrants in our society, and the Institute for Immigration Research, a joint venture with George Mason University, conducts research on the economic contributions of immigrants.

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