New Citizen Swearing-In Ceremony

2015 New Citizen Swearing-in Ceremony

The Immigrant Learning Center sponsored its first New Citizen Swearing- In Ceremony in Malden in 2011. The event has proven to be a huge success, naturalizing more than 800 citizens over the years.

The most recent event was held at Malden High School on November, 2018. Preceded by a color guard, the court sat with Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge Frank Bailey presiding. Diane Portnoy, The ILC founder and CEO, welcomed the new citizens, and there were also remarks from Malden Mayor Gary Christenson. The ceremony opened with ILC teacher Jeantilus Gedeus leading attendees singing America the Beautiful.

Anyone interested in becoming a citizen should contact the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Slide Show of ILC-sponsored ceremonies from Flickr

New Citizen Ceremonies

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