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provides free, year-round English classes to help immigrant and refugee adults in Greater Boston become successful workers, parents and community members.

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informs Americans about immigrants and immigration in the United States.

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a joint venture with George Mason University, conducts research on the economic contributions of immigrants.

The ILC is currently holding most classes in-person while maintaining COVID-19 safety practices for the safety of our students, staff and community.

For more information please call (781) 322-9777 during office hours, Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Virtual Conference: 2022 Immigrant Student Success; July 12 and 13 2022, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT

Join us on July 12 and 13!

Join experts from across the country for The ILC’s free, annual, virtual conference on teaching immigrant students and integrating immigration into your curricula.

Latina woman holding vegetables

Research Initiative: Immigrant Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The ILC Public Education Institute has published a research report on immigrant workers in essential industries during the COVID-19 crisis. The report covers both the enormous obstacles these workers have faced and the exceptional contributions that they have made.

JobMakers podcast logo; production of Pioneer Institute and The Immigrant Learning Center

JobMakers Podcast: Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Leaders

The ILC Public Education Institute has partnered with the Pioneer Institute to create JobMakers, a podcast highlighting the stories of immigrant entrepreneurs and leaders. Tune in to hear the stories of a former Afghan translator turned refugee, a woman who started a hedge fund from her dorm room, a venture capitalist who invests in immigrants and more!

Trans pride march

LGBTQ+ Immigrants: Challenges and Contributions

In the face of discrimination and misguided policies, LGBTQ+ immigrants and refugees have fought for recognition and liberation. While the intersection of LGBTQ+ and immigrant identities can produce multiple challenges, it can also create opportunities to fight for changes that benefit everyone.

Report cover

Key Takeaways of the “Immigrant Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic” Research Report

Get the highlights of The ILC’s latest research report, “Immigrant Essential Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic,” and learn how foreign-born workers have supported all Americans throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Health care worker removing latex gloves

The Impact of Immigrants on Health Care in the United States

Immigrants are immense assets to the United States health care system. On the whole, foreign-born residents pay more into the system than they receive in government-funded medical benefits and they fill crucial roles as workers at every level of the health care system. Read The ILC’s blog post to learn how all Americans benefit from the contributions of immigrants.

The First Annual Essay Writing Contest by The Immigrant Learning Center; 2022 Essay Topic - How Malden Benefits from Immigration; Open to all Malden High School students

The ILC’s First Annual Immigration Essay Contest

The Immigrant Learning Center offered students at Malden High School the opportunity to participate in its first annual essay-writing contest. The topic for 2022 was “How Malden Benefits from Immigration.” The deadline for submissions was Monday, May 9, 2022, at 6:00 PM. Learn more with the contest handout.

Sarah headshot

May 25, 2022

Newsletter: You gave Sarah the “best gift” of literacy

It can be easy to take routine tasks like understanding street signs, applying for jobs or filling out medical forms for granted. For new Americans who didn’t have the opportunity to learn in their home country, like Ugandan American student Sarah, these can be huge hurdles.

Cecilia Chung

Fourteen Famous Asian and Pacific Islander Immigrants

Immigrants from Asia and Pacific Islands are a diverse population of more than 130 ethnic groups from geographic area that spans 16 million square miles. The Immigrant Learning Center has compiled just 14 of their storiesincluding those of an Olympic athlete, an HIV/AIDS activist, a U.S. senator and an astronaut.

Impact Update Spring 2022 cover

Spring 2022

Impact Update newsletter

Read about exceptional immigrant entrepreneurs, research on immigrant essential workers, volunteers’ amazing contributions, The ILC student entrepreneurs and more.


Resources for Immigrants, Parents and Educators during COVID-19 Crisis

To help guide us through the COVID-19 crisis, The ILC Public Education Institute has compiled resources for immigrants, refugees, parents and educators. Please bookmark and share this page to help people stay safe, informed and healthy.

Hamdi Ulukaya

Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame: Hamdi Ulukaya

Meet Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya, the latest member of our Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. His sense of social responsibility has set him apart as a CEO, with 10 percent of Chobani profits and $2 million of his own money going to philanthropic causes.

Welcome to the New World cover

Welcome to the New World Curriculum and Learning Guide

The ILC has created a free curriculum and learning guide based on Welcome to the New World, by Jake Halpern, a nonfiction graphic novel following the Aldabaans, a family of Syrian refugees. The curriculum is suitable for English or social studies classes in grades seven to 11.



What makes us unique?

There is no place on Earth quite like The Immigrant Learning Center. Our well-resourced, award-winning direct services to immigrants and refugees combined with research and education for the American public on immigration issues gives us a truly unique perspective. The ILC is:

Public and Private

We receive 75 percent of our funds from the private sector and only 25 percent from government agencies. This unusually high percentage of private funding gives us the flexibility to innovate and respond rapidly to changing needs.


We offer English classes five days a week. That’s up to 15 hours a week of instruction, very rare for a free program. This intensive schedule accelerates learning and shortens the time it takes our students to reach their goals.


To date, we have helped more than 10,500 immigrant and refugee adults living in 94 communities across Massachusetts. By helping them learn English, we help them pursue their dreams. The impact is felt throughout the region by their families, employers, customers, neighbors and more.


Americans from coast to coast learn about the positive impact of immigrants through The ILC Public Education Institute’s webinars, conference presentations and our Immigration Research Library, and through the data and research generated by our partnership with the Institute for Immigration Research.


The ILC’s Literacy Program gives hope to students who struggle in traditional English classes. Students who have low or no literacy in their native language, or who have related learning challenges, receive individualized attention from teachers and trained volunteers. The Literacy Program serves as a model, and we are frequently asked to share our expertise with other programs throughout the region.


Collaboration is the key to doing more with less. The Public Education Institute’s webinars are presented by experts in a variety of fields from across the country. The English Language Program partners with job placement, training and educational institutions to help our students reach their goals. Both programs offer their expertise to help others give immigrants a voice.


From the Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame to the annual Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards, The ILC Public Education Institute has amassed compelling evidence of immigrants’ contributions as entrepreneurs, and it’s curated for easy access on our Immigrant Entrepreneurship page.


Our book, Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant Gifts, brings insight to today’s immigration issues by examining the history of 11 different ethnic groups. Now in its second printing, the book is available for sale on Amazon. Don’t forget to start at smile.amazon.com.

Impact Stories

Saddiqa headshot


Saddiqa left Afghanistan after her husband was killed by the Taliban. After living for a while with her brother in Pakistan, she and her children came to the United States…


Abdony headshot


On January 12, 2010, Abdony returned to Port au Prince, Haiti, after visiting his wife and daughter in Boston. At 4:53 p.m. that day, a huge earthquake struck Haiti…


Maria headshot


When Maria’s children became adults living on their own, she decided to start a new life in the U.S…


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