Learn About Immigrants

The ILC Public Education Institute is here to help you learn about immigrants.

With so much conflicting information about immigrants, how do you get to the truth?

To answer this question, The Immigrant Learning Center launched the Public Education Institute in 2003. The Institute creates, collects, curates and shares information on immigrants and immigration in the United States. From immigration data to grassroots best practices to individual storytelling, our constant search for the latest and best makes it easier for policy makers, educators and everyday Americans to understand the issues.

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The ILC Public Education Institute’s COVID-19 Response

During the COVID-19 crisis, we need each other more than ever. The Immigrant Learning Center is committed to providing up-to-date resources and continuing our mission of giving immigrants a voice. Here is how we’re responding:

  • Poster reading "We support our Chinese neighbors. We are in this together!" in English and Chinese. There is an image of a boat on a wave.The ILC Public Education Institute has curated COVID-19 resources for immigrants, refugees, parents, educators and all those who want to stand up to hate.
  • If you are home with children, our interactive #DrawingSupport campaign is a simple way to help your children show support for immigrants and unity in divisive times. Our Cultivating Kindness blog post is full of activities for promoting empathy and creating a sense of empowerment among children of all ages.
  • Anyone can participate in our #InThisTogether window sign campaign to show support for immigrants and learn about how immigrants are crucial both to weathering this epidemic and recovering from it.
  • On April 6, 2021, The ILC held an Immigrant Heroes Award Benefit to recognize the extraordinary foreign-born heroes who have been on the frontlines of fighting this pandemic, including three local heroes who made especially meaningful contributions to their communities. You can watch the Immigrant Heroes Award Benefit here.

Immigration Research and Information

Want to know more about immigrants in the U.S.? You’ve come to the right place.


Webinars and Resources

Because reading a report is not always enough, The ILC Public Education Institute produces several free webinars each year.

These online learning environments are an opportunity to interact with experts on hot topics and exchange ideas with peers.

The webinars are designed to respond to the issues of the day and broadly fall into topics around immigrant integration, education and research. The annual Immigrant Student Success workshop is held every July. Sign up here to be informed of the dates.

Register for our next webinar or explore our extensive list of presentations, tip sheets, tool kits, lesson plans and more from previous webinars.


Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Immigrants positively impact the economy in many ways, perhaps none so obvious as the job creation and innovation of immigrant entrepreneurs.

The ILC Public Education Institute has made immigrant entrepreneurs a focus of our research and our outreach. In our Immigrant Entrepreneur hub, you can find:


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