Immigrant Heroes Award Benefit

You don’t have to be Wonder Woman to be a hero. At times of crisis everyday people step up and put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. Last year gave us plenty of opportunity to step up. It seemed as if 2020 was one long crisis.

Immigrants were hit especially hard. They were more likely to lose their jobs and more likely to get sick and even die from COVID-19. They were also more likely to be essential workers. They tended to patients in nursing homes, stocked shelves in grocery stores, delivered packages, researched vaccines and more.

Immigrants were on the front lines in the pandemic, proving once again that we all benefit when we welcome newcomers to our country and our community. We celebrated these immigrant and refugee heroes on April 6, 2021. You can see a recording of the event here.


Photo of Abdulkader Hayani - one of the three awardees

Abdulkader Hayani

Refugee from Syria

Made and donated > 2,000 masks

Photo of Monique Nguyen

Monique Nguyen

Immigrant from Canada

Co-founded MassUndocuFund

Photo of Niall Lennon

Niall Lennon

Immigrant from Ireland

COVID-19 testing at Broad Institute

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