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The ILC Public Education Institute


The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. (ILC) Public Education Institute uses a research-based approach to inform Americans about the economic and social contributions of immigrants in our society. In this way, we inform public policy and promote thoughtful dialogue about the key roles played by immigrants.

Since its inception, The ILC Public Education Institute has enhanced the store of immigration research by publishing 11 studies and reports about Massachusetts immigrants as entrepreneurs, workers and consumers, and the book Immigrant Struggles, Immigrant Gifts was released in January 2013.

To make more research about immigrants and their contributions in the United States available to policymakers, media, teachers, students and the business community, The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc. launched a joint venture with George Mason University in 2012 called the Institute for Immigration Research. Located within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at George Mason University, this institute conducts unbiased research about the contributions of immigrants as entrepreneurs, workers and consumers.

As America grapples with how to reform its immigration system, it is hoped that these studies will provide a basis for informed discussion about immigration reform..

The main programs of The ILC Public Education Institute are:

  1. Research studies and reports: business sector studies on the economic impact of immigrants.
  2. Workshops on Immigration: professional development workshops offered online for educators, administrators and immigrant advocates.
  3. Immigration Research and Information website: an online database of immigration studies.
  4. Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame: the most prolific names in business founded by the foreign-born.
  5. Immigrant Entrepreneurship: a special focus through interviews, stories, presentations and conferences.
  6. Immigration Quick Facts: a stock of fact sheets summarizing data on taxes, crime, education and labor.

Updates and information on all of these and more are provided in our email bulletins.
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Who We Are

Photo of Diane Portnoy, President & CEO, The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

Diane Portnoy, The ILC President and CEO

Diane established The ILC Public Education Institute in 2003 to inform the teachers, policymakers and the public on immigrant issues with factual, research-based information. For her work, she has received numerous awards including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


Denzil Mohammed Immigrant Learning CenterDenzil Mohammed, The ILC Public Education Institute Director

Denzil Mohammed is an intercultural communications professional and journalist who works to build understanding across boundaries utilizing an asset-based approach. He manages specialized online education, a variety of research initiatives and collaborative public events that promote immigrants as economic and social assets to America.


Crystal YeCrystal Ye, The ILC Public Education Institute Assistant Director

Crystal Ye is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a commitment to social issues and multilingual and multicultural understanding. She has a background in linguistics and language acquisition/pedagogy having previously taught French at Dartmouth and English in France. She assists in the management and promotion of the Institute’s initiatives.


Karen E. Glover, The ILC Director of Communications

Karen has 20 years of marketing and communications experience in both the corporate and non-profit arenas. She handles communications and media relations for both The ILC’s English language program and the Public Education Institutes initiatives.


Cho Salma Win, The Immigrant Learning CenterCho Salma Win, The ILC Public Education Institute Program Assistant

Born in Burma, Cho immigrated to New Jersey as a child and then to Philadelphia for graduate school where she earned her master’s degree in social work. She provides administrative and technical support to all events and programs.



The rise of anti-immigrant sentiment following the September 11, 2001, attacks bred hostility toward immigrants that was deeply felt by students at The ILC. To fulfill our mission of helping immigrants and refugees become successful workers, parents and community members, The ILC created The ILC Public Education Institute in 2003 to engage policymakers, teachers, students, the media, and business leaders in dialogue on the vital contributions immigrants have made to our state and nation.


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