With your support, single mothers like Saloua feel safer

Saloua and son with her nutrition certificate

Saloua’s routine trip to her home country of Morocco became an ordeal when she found herself facing a difficult custody and immigration situation. She turned to the U.S. Embassy, but without knowing English, she couldn’t get help until she found someone with the patience to translate for her. When she finally made it back to the U.S. with her son, she decided she needed to get her U.S. citizenship and learn English so she would never face those challenges again.

Saloua enrolled in The ILC’s citizenship class. “I didn’t know where to start … I need someone to help me with that, because I have no idea before I started at The Immigrant Learning Center,” Saloua says. For months, she juggled getting certified to work in nutrition, studying for citizenship and caring for her son as a single mother.

All her hard work paid off. Saloua has found work as a certified nutritionist and passed her citizenship interview. When she swears the oath of citizenship at her upcoming citizenship ceremony, her seven-year-old son will be at her side.

Saloua is excited for a simple reason. “I feel more safe,” she says. To The ILC and the people like you who support us, she says, “Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

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