Olga is giving back to her community

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The Immigrant Learning Center is proud of all our former students, but we’re always especially happy to hear about students like Olga who pass along the help they receive.

When Olga, a Haitian immigrant, first came to The ILC, she spoke very little English and struggled to find work. After just a year and a half of free classes, her English improved enough to help her find a job. The ILC connects students to other community resources so they can continue to grow and succeed after leaving our classes. This led Olga to discover the Matahari Women’s Center, a not-for-profit that supports vulnerable women. The Center was founded by Monique Nguyen, a recent recipient of The ILC’s Immigrant Heroes Award.

Like many of our former students, Olga chose to pay it forward. She used her Haitian Creole and her English skills to expand the Center’s programs for Haitian women. She participates in their workshops and helps translate for other Creole speakers. They were so impressed by her work that she was elected to the Matahari board! She also refers immigrants who want to improve their English to the place that first helped her: The ILC.

It’s your support that creates this cycle of giving and giving back. Thank you for everything you do to keep that cycle going!

Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

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