Mariagrazia wants to thank you

Mariagrazia holding an American flag after becoming a citizenFor Italian American student Mariagrazia, her motivation for enrolling at The ILC was simple. “I need to improve my English because one day I want to talk to the people. They’re on the other side of the window. I want to open the window and talk to them,” she said.

Ultimately, The ILC classes offered her more than English skills and preparation for the citizenship exam. Coming to the United States was isolating for Mariagrazia. For six years, she spoke little English and struggled to form connections, a common experience for newcomers. “We don’t have friends,” she said. But coming to class changed that, introducing her to classmates in similar situations and a language they could use to communicate. Now, “We are all a family,” she said.

Today, after two and a half years of hard work, Mariagrazia is a U.S. citizen with strong English skills and new friends. She’s ready to chase her next dream of becoming a pharmacy technician, and The ILC’s career advisor has referred her to a job training program that will make it possible.

Mariagrazia knows who she credits with her success. “Thank you Immigrant Learning Center … thank you [to] the teacher and thank you everyone who supports the school. Thank you to the people outside my window who support the school,” she says. We thank you too.

Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

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