Isaac got his first full-time job with your support

IsaacWhen Isaac first came to the U.S., he struggled. Not speaking English meant he couldn’t do things he took for granted in Brazil, like make friends, find a full time job or even go to the movies.

Luckily, his mother is a former student at The Immigrant Learning Center. She told him that he should enroll at The ILC, promising him, “You’ll learn everything there that you’ll need.”

Isaac is glad he followed her advice. “I love it so much to study at the school, because it helped me so much to push my English forward,” he said. “The Immigrant Learning Center is so fantastic with the students. It’s amazing.”

At The ILC, Isaac worked hard to improve his English. His teacher organized practice job interviews that gave him confidence. Isaac particularly liked practicing with his classmates, saying, “When you go to school, you make friends, a lot of friends.”

After six months of studying English, he was able write a resume, complete a successful job interview and find a new job. He can even enjoy going to the movies again! Isaac’s studies are on hold while he saves money at his new full-time job, but he plans on returning to The ILC and eventually moving on to college. We’re so proud of Isaac for his incredible progress and look forward to seeing him again.

Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

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