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Immigrant Entrepreneurship


Drivers of the innovation economy

The great competitive advantage of India is that it draws on the entrepreneurial and creative energy of 1.2 billion people. The great strength of America is that it draws on the entrepreneurial and creative energy of almost 7 billion people.

– Indian Media and Tech Entrepreneur, Mumbai India, Spring 2011


NEW: View our Immigrant Entrepreneur Interview Series, a gallery of video interviews.


Entrepreneurship is one of the most significant ways in which immigrants have positively impacted the United States and Massachusetts in particular. Immigrant entrepreneurs have contributed to economic gain, job creation, rise in intellectual capital, neighborhood revitalization and cultural enrichment.

For this reason, The ILC Public Education Institute has made a specialty of researching and broadcasting current statistics, stories and studies about immigrant entrepreneurship. These include:

1. Annual ILC Immigrant Entrepreneur Awards Dinner honoring Massachusetts’ outstanding foreign-born business owners and innovators in four categories.

2. Twelve studies including Immigrant Entrepreneurs: Creating Jobs and Strengthening the Economy, published by The ILC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Immigration Council.

3. A Hall of Fame dedicated to immigrant entrepreneurs who have had a lasting impact on the U.S. economy.

4. An Immigration Research and Information website that serves as the definitive source of immigration information.

5. Conferences on Immigrant Entrepreneurship, the first of which was held November 2010 at Babson College.

6. Immigrant Entrepreneur Interview Series, a gallery of video interviews with immigrant entrepreneurs

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