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Immigrant Student Success Workshops


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Dr. Marcia Hohn, former director of The ILC Public Education Institute, leads a session at the teacher workshop in 2011.

Dr. Marcia Hohn, former director of The ILC Public Education Institute, leads a session at The ILC 2011 teacher workshop.

The need for a more creative, inclusive and informed curriculum is imperative. One in five K-12 students is an immigrant or the child of an immigrant. Teachers are challenged with delivering credible information on immigration and reaching out to students from diverse native languages, cultures and religions to integrate them into their classrooms. (See below for resources.)

From 2004 to 2011, The ILC Public Education Institute assisted 200 Massachusetts educators by increasing their knowledge of immigration and developing programs to integrate immigration into their classrooms through a free, annual workshop (See a video of the 2011 workshop here.)

That workshop, Teaching Immigration Across the Curriculum, also formed the basis of a course at the University of Massachusetts Boston titled Immigration and Education.

In 2012, the workshop debuted online for nationwide participation. Since then, nearly 800 educators from 36 states have participated in the online workshop, which takes place annually in July. Educators interact in an innovative format that mixes webinars, videos, lesson planning and group chats to offer a rich platform for learning and sharing in real time.

The most recent online workshop, Immigrant Student Success: Models and Tools for K-12 and Adult Educators, took place in July 2016. Materials from this and previous online workshops are listed below. Feel free to use these resources to help with your work.

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Immigrant Student Success: Models and Tools for K-12 and Adult Educators (2016)

Day 1

Day 1 Chat Log (PDF)

America’s Evolving Classrooms: Data and Projections

Denzil Mohammed, The ILC Public Education Institute

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Reflecting on the Role of the Teacher in Diverse Classrooms

Federico Salas-Isnardi, Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Lesson Planning: Creating Welcoming Classrooms in a Turbulent Election Year

Sara Burnett, American Immigration Council

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Lesson Planning Activity (Padlet)

Collaborative Activity (Padlet)

Immigrant Identity: Mind and Motivations of Foreign-Born Students

Dr. Usha Tummala-Narra, Lynch School of Education, Boston College

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Day 2

Day 2 Chat Log (PDF)

Empowering Immigrant Students and Dreamers

Tatyana Kleyn, City College of New York

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Short film “Living Undocumented” with lesson plan and resource guide (Website)

Debunking Myths by Engaging with Immigrant Students and Parents

Claire Tesh, American Immigration Council

Eileen Kugler, Embrace Diverse Schools

Tatyana Kleyn, City College of New York

Dana Brown, Malden High School

Recording (YouTube)

Lesson Planning: Storytelling to Promote Equity, Acceptance and Leadership

Julie Mann, Newcomers High School

Recording (YouTube)

Presentation (PDF)

Pasang’s story (PDF)

Rifa’s story (PDF)

Victor’s story (PDF)

Building Bridges video (YouTube)

Alternative Approaches to Teacher-Student-Parent Engagement

Dr. Stephen Burby, Brentwod School District

Andrea Honigsfeld, Molloy College

Alaísa Grudzinski, psychotherapist

Andrea Garcia-Fernandez, Year Up (former undocumented student)

Recording (PDF)

Presentation – Andrea Honigsfeld (PDF)

Presentation – Alaísa Grudzinski (PDF)


Past recordings and presentations

  • Key Elements for Immigrant Student Success
    • Sarah Lynn of Pearson ELT; Center for Workforce Development, Harvard University
  • Teaching Language and Content Through Projects
    • Katie Li, Charlestown High School; Internationals Network for Public Schools
  • Crossing Borders with Digital Storytelling
  • Developing an Asset-Based Perspective of Immigrant Students
  • Promising Educational Practices for Immigrant Students and All Students
  • Thematic Lesson Planning
    • Kristin Espinar, Arkansas State University

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