The ILC Entrepreneurs

Immigrants are highly entrepreneurial. Research shows that immigrants start more than their share of businesses from Main Street to the Fortune 500. So it’s not surprising that The Immigrant Learning Center students are also business owners. We even have a class specifically for entrepreneurs who want to learn the basics of starting and running a business in the U.S. while improving their everyday and business English skills. We are proud to share a sample of businesses owned by former students.

Rodrigo de Souza
The ILC Student 2018

Saul Ortez
From El Salvador
The ILC Student 2013

Sandra Dominguez
El Salvador
The ILC Student 1993 – 1994

Joel Marmolejos
Dominican Republic
The ILC Student 2018

Phong Nguyen
From Vietnam
The ILC student 2010-2011

Maria Todorova
From Brazil
The ILC Student 2010 – 2014

Majd Khairallah
The ILC Student 2005 – 2007

Rose (Hong) Le
The ILC Student 2013

Dr. Leon Spivak, DDS
From Russia
The ILC student 1993

Rachel Kangalu
The ILC Student 2020 – 2021

Sandra Dominguez
El Salvador
The ILC Student 1993 – 1994

Amani Ben Moftah
The ILC Student 2020-2021

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