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Webinars and Workshops on Immigration


Bringing immigration information to the public.

Free webinars for educators, immigrant-serving organizations, faith communities and the public are hosted throughout the year by The ILC Public Education Institute, which draws upon its 14 years of research and its nationwide network of partners. These interactive webinars bring experts to provide the critical information and resources needed to teach and engage both foreign- and native-born populations. Participants can interact directly with speakers from nationally recognized organizations.

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Immigrant Integration

Trauma panel photo


One Year Later: Immigrant Trauma and How to Deal with It

One year after the presidential election, immigration rhetoric and policies have upended the lives of millions of people.

People from 43 states learned from experts in psychology, social work, advocacy and education about the trauma facing immigrants in America today and the best strategies to approach it. Read more…


Security panel photo


Immigration, Safety and Security: The facts about crime and national security, plus messaging and grassroots practices to advance change

In 2017, the Supreme Court has heard several arguments surrounding the Travel Ban. But what is the truth about immigration when it comes to crime and national security?

Attendees from 42 states were given credible data about immigrant incarceration and crime rates, and learned from a panel of experts how to change the fear-based narrative around immigration and criminality. Read more…


Narrative panel photo


Taking Back the Narrative: How to Talk About Immigrants and Immigration, messaging webinar for immigrant- and refugee-serving professionals

In a time of heated immigration rhetoric, how do you promote more thoughtful and fact-based discussion? How do you get your messages across most effectively to change attitudes and policies?

Attendees from 47 states learned from media and integration experts how to reframe the immigration conversation, engage the media and put winning messaging strategies into use. Read more…



Denzil Mohammed engages panelists in the October 2016 webinar.


Building United Communities: Immigrants, Cops and Crime, webinar for professionals and leaders in law enforcement and the immigrant-serving community

Are immigrants committing crimes at higher rates than the U.S.-born? How do we better integrate law enforcement and newcomers to build more trusting relationships?

This webinar offers the latest, most credible data to dispel immigration myths and features a panel of experts giving proven strategies of engaging with immigrants to become their allies. Read more…


Julie Fisher-Rowe and Denzil Mohammed, program specialist at The ILC Public Education Institute, engage in a Q&A with participants in the October 2015 webinar.


Building United Communities of Immigrants and African Americans, online webinar for professionals and leaders in the immigrant-serving community

In America’s changing society, community organizations need replicable models and tools to address real or perceived tensions between African Americans and immigrants and build stronger, more cohesive communities.

This webinar offers research-based communications strategies and a multitude of perspectives from national experts. Read more…




Building United Communities: Integration Strategies from Faith Organizations, webinar for faith-based organizations and the immigrant-serving community

Faith communities from across the religious spectrum are at the forefront of immigrant integration and offer countless services to immigrants and refugees across the nation.

This webinar caters to leaders, practitioners and volunteers in faith-based organizations, and others who want to be better informed about immigration data and issues, messaging strategies, and ideas for creating welcoming and cohesive communities. Read more…





Dr. Lorna Rivera conducts a webinar on "The Sociology of Immigration" in The ILC 2012 online workshop.


Talking to America About Immigrants and Immigration, online workshop for immigrant-serving organizations

Immigrant-serving organizations face challenges when reaching out to both foreign-born and native-born communities amid a landscape of ever-changing public opinion and political action.

Learning data and tools for positioning immigrants as assets, gaining ideas and resources for welcoming/supporting immigrants, and keeping abreast of progress of immigration reform are vital to the success of these organizations. Read more…




Numbers that Matter: Using Immigration Data to Advance Change, webinar for community leaders, researchers, educators and policy-makers who aim to use immigration data to further their cause

The need for local immigration data to mobilize populations, access funding and urge policy change has never been greater. 

This webinar provides data presentation strategies and features a panel discussion on how researchers and immigrant integration professionals start with the data when mobilizing communities for change. It also includes a live demonstration of Immigration Data on Demand (iDod), a free service that generates customized fact sheets on local immigrant populations. Read more…



Immigrants in Health Care: Free Webinar on New Report

Immigrants are filling critical functions in U.S. health care. Despite comprising just 13 percent of the population, they play outsized roles in medicine, medical science, nursing and long-term care. This was one of the findings from the new report Immigrants in Health Care: Keeping Americans Healthy through Care and Innovation written by retired Director of The Immigrant Learning Center (ILC) Public Education Institute Marcia Drew Hohn, EdD. Read more…



For Educators

Participants speak during The ILC 2011 teacher workshop at The ILC offices in Malden, MA.


Immigrant Student Success, online workshop for K-12 and adult basic education teachers

Curricula that are more creative, inclusive and informed are imperative for today’s educators. One in five K-12 students is from another country or born to non-native parents.

Community and K-12 educators are challenged with delivering credible information on immigration and reaching out to students with diverse languages, cultures and religions. Read more…



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