Webinars and Workshops on Immigration

Bringing immigration information to the public.

The ILC Public Education Institute brings together the most relevant experts and latest research to address the most pressing issues related to U.S. Immigration in free, highly engaging, online learning opportunities. In the summer, we offer a multi-day online workshop for educators, and in spring and fall webinars addressing current issues in immigrant integration and research.

New webinars are added several times a year.
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Immigrant Integration Webinars


These webinars are for immigrant- and refugee-serving professionals, community and faith leaders, and anyone who wants to dispel immigration myths, communicate effectively and create a better society for everyone.

  • Making Facts Matter: Immigrants, the Economy and Words that Work, Feb. 2018
  • One Year Later: Immigrant Trauma and How to Deal with It, Nov. 2017
  • Immigration, Safety and Security: Strategies to counter the fear-based narrative, Oct. 2017
  • Taking Back the Narrative: How to Talk About Immigrants and Immigration, Feb. 2017
  • Building United Communities: Immigrants, Cops and Crime, Oct. 2016
  • Building United Communities: Integration Strategies from Faith Organizations, June 2016
  • Building United Communities of Immigrants and African Americans, Oct. 2015
  • Talking to America About Immigrants and Immigration, April 2013

Click here for a wealth of resources from previous webinars, including webinar recordings, presentations and handouts.



Educator Workshops


Immigrant Student Success:
Models and Tools for K-12 and Adult Educators

This workshop is part of The Immigrant Learning Center’s ongoing commitment to immigrant success. Starting with in-person workshops in 2004 and debuting online in 2012, thousands of educators from 44 states have had their questions answered by experts, collaborated with colleagues and gained tools and ideas for free without leaving home. 

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Research Webinars

These webinars are for community leaders, researchers, educators and policy-makers who aim to use immigration data to further their cause.

Numbers that Matter: Using Immigration Data to Advance Change, Dec. 2016

Immigrants in Health Care, Jan. 2016


Click here for a wealth of resources from previous webinars, including webinar recordings, presentations and handouts.