You helped a dream come true


When Yveline came to the United States, she spoke almost no English. She took pride in helping people as a nurse midwife in Haiti, and it was hard adjusting to a life where she felt that “no one can help me and I can’t help anyone.” She wanted to go back. Her mother encouraged her to enroll at The Immigrant Learning Center instead.

Yveline thrived immediately, progressing quickly through our free English classes. After just six months, she enrolled directly in a college nursing program. Today, she’s once again working as a nurse. I’ll let her tell you what that means to her:

“My dream come true. I’m so grateful for Immigrant Learning Center because they were the ones who embraced me, who teach me how to speak English, to write English and everything … and that’s why I came here again to help my cousin. She can study here again for her to do whatever she wants to do in America, like I did.”

Yveline’s mother encouraged her daughter to enroll at The ILC because her mother had already learned English and become a citizen with The ILC’s help. Now Yveline is helping her cousin enroll for the same reason. When you donate to The ILC, you make a “dream come true” for whole families.

Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

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