In a crisis, this new American stepped up

Luz headshotWhen new Americans become citizens, they are asked if they will perform work of “national importance.” For Luz this was more than a theoretical promise. She’s been doing work of national importance since the pandemic hit. As a cleaner in a hospital, she has put herself at risk to help others stay safe, and she was proud to have the opportunity to fulfill her responsibility.

It was a hard road to becoming a citizen. Luz juggled multiple jobs while learning English and practicing for the citizenship exam. By supporting The Immigrant Learning Center, you were right by her side. In addition to the practical skills, it helped to know she had a place where people cared about and supported her.

After more than 20 years in the country, Luz is excited to be a citizen. She likes that the United States is safer than Colombia, her country of origin. She also liked being able to vote for the first time. When the pandemic is over, Luz is going to return to The Immigrant Learning Center to improve her English. Despite having already obtained her citizenship, she’s passionate about continuing to learn. This Thanksgiving, we were grateful for your support, which allows her to fulfill that passion.

Thank you, always, for your continued generosity,
Diane Portnoy, The ILC CEO and Founder

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