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Virtual Conference: 2022 Immigrant Student Success; July 12 and 13 2022, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM EDT

Ground Rules

Imperative to this virtual conference is the sharing of ideas, experiences and opinions. There are participants from all over the U.S.! Owing to the contentious and emotional nature of the subject of immigration, let’s aim for mutual respect. In this way, we can create a safe but vibrant learning and sharing event. 

  1. Nonverbal communication cues are lost on the internet. In the chat box, Q&As and chat rooms, choose your words carefully. 
  2. It is okay to speak with others about your reactions and stories; it is also okay to pass and actively listen. 
  3. Listen and react to each other’s experiences while trusting others’ good intentions. 
  4. Be open to feedback from others. One of the best ways to learn is to build on another’s experience. 


These activities will help you get familiar with the concepts our presenters will lay out. We encourage you to complete the activities that are relevant to your teaching situation.

Day One:

Watch ONE of the following videos:

Day Two:

Use this Padlet to reflect on Day 1 and prepare for Day 2.

Technical Requirements

Before the virtual conference, do a quick Zoom Webinar test of your device here. To participate from a mobile device, download the Zoom app, available here in the App Store for an iPhone and here in Google Play for an Android. If you cannot download the app, click Join > Download & Run Zoom > CANCEL > Join from Your Browser. 

See below to find out how to use: 

If you cannot resolve your technical issues with the links above, email 


Meet the Team

Denzil Mohammed

Denzil Mohammed, MS

Denzil Mohammed is an intercultural communications professional who works to build understanding across boundaries utilizing an asset-based approach. Since 2011, he has managed specialized online education, a variety of research initiatives, and collaborative public events that promote immigrants as economic and social assets to America as director of The ILC Public Education Institute.

Ariana Moir, MA

Ariana Moir specializes in adult learning and educational programming. With over 10 years of experience in the not-for-profit and education fields, her background includes teaching English in adult education and university settings and creating cross-cultural programs for educators, families and students. She is the education program coordinator at The ILC Public Education Institute.

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