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WilbensHere’s a special message to you from Wilbens, “[The] ILC is the best institution for the immigrants. I like it, I love it, so thank you.”

For Wilbens, learning English was a top priority when he came to the U.S. from Haiti to reunite with his wife and his two U.S.-born children. “It’s difficult because [English] is new. It’s not easy.” A philosophy teacher back in Haiti, Wilbens was eager to return to the classroom, but this time as a student at The ILC. “I was excited to have a new teacher in my life.”

Wilbens has quickly moved up two levels since starting at The ILC in the fall. With the support of our education and career team, he found a new job as a public safety officer at the MelroseWakefield Hospital that will allow him to communicate in English more than his previous workplace. “I choose this position because I want to speak English too. I can speak or talk with everybody … I can improve my English.”

We’re really happy to see Wilbens be so successful with his studies and work! As much as he thanks us, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Thanks for your ongoing support,

Diane Portnoy

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