New Americans Thank You

On November 19, 2018, The Immigrant Learning Center will once again sponsor a swearing-in ceremony for new citizens in Malden. It’s always a moving experience to see a room full of people from around the world, who love this country so much, fulfill their dream of becoming Americans. At least two of them have your support to thank for making their dreams come true.
Yvelle is from Haiti. She has been living in the United States and working as a home health aid since 2012. In May, she came to The ILC to study in the Citizenship Class, and she passed the citizenship exam in October. Her husband and daughter are both citizens, and now she will be also. Yvelle says of her adopted country, “I like America. There is freedom. There is security. In Haiti, no.”

Maria came to the United States in 1994 after separating from her husband. She works as a cleaner. Because her education in El Salvador was limited, she not only needed help with English and studying for the Mariaexam, Maria needed extra help with reading and writing. So, she was placed in the Literacy Citizenship Class in September 2016. After two years of diligent study, she also passed the citizenship exam this October.

Thank you for making stories like these possible through your continued support.


Diane Portnoy







Diane Portnoy
Founder and CEO
The Immigrant Learning Center, Inc.

Thank You!

Dancers at the Autumn BenefitThank you to everyone who made last week’s Autumn Benefit so successful. The art, the tango, the food, the company and the creative drinks, but most importantly all the good that will be done with the proceeds, made it a fabulous evening.


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