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Immigrant Entrepreneur Hall of Fame: Charles and Alexander Meston


Emerson Electronics LogoCountry of origin: Scotland

Businesses: Emerson (1890)

Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

2015 revenue: $22.3 billion

Worldwide employment: 110,800

Ranked 128 in the 2016 Fortune 500


  • Emerson sold the first electric fans in America, invented by two orphans from Scotland.
  • Today, Emerson is a global technology leader serving a range of  industries.


Charles and Alexander Meston were orphaned brothers from Scotland living in St. Louis in the late 1800s.

Summers in St. Louis are famously hot and sticky. The Meston brothers had the idea of attaching an electric motor to a fan to cool off. Electricity was still a fairly new technology, and the Mestons saw a tremendous business opportunity in developing a reliable electric motor. They sought a patent from the U.S. government and funding from John Wesley Emerson, a former Union army officer, judge and lawyer, who also lent his name to the new company. In 1890, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company was born.

In 1892, Emerson sold the first electric fans in America, a product for which the company soon became renowned. As the company grew, it expanded its product line by attaching electric motors to new products such as sewing machines, dental drills, player pianos and power tools.

Emerson (as the company is now named) is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company that employs 111,000 people in 220 manufacturing locations around the world. In 2015, Fortune named ranked Emerson fifth among the World’s Most Admired electronics companies.

Updated September 2016

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