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Immigration, Safety and Security


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(Clockwise from top left): Marisa Gerstein Pineau, PhD; Denzil Mohammed;
Zahra Billoo, Esq.; Alex Nowrasteh; Chief Brian Kyes, Esq.


Changing the fear-based narrative around immigration and crime

Anti-immigrant and refugee sentiments are often tied to concerns about crime and national security. For example, this year has seen lots of debate around travel bans that halt or restrict immigration from eight, mostly Muslim-majority countries but very little evidence that such bans would lead to improved national security. Attendees from 42 states got the facts about crime, national security and immigration in a free, interactive webinar titled Immigration, Safety and Security, hosted by The Immigrant Learning Center Public Education Institute on October 4, 2017. A panel of experts also offered tools to communicate the facts to community members, decision-makers and legislators.


Attendees Learned…

  • The facts on immigration and crime/national security
  • Messaging strategies to counter the fear-based immigration/safety narratives
  • Adaptable practices that replace fear-mongering with policies toward safer communities


Webinar Resources and Recordings

  • Crime and Commnuity Strategies
  • Chief Brian Kyes, Esq, Alex Nowrasteh, Zahra Billoo, Esq, Marisa Gerstein Pineau, PhD, Denzil Mohammed
  • Recording (video)
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Police Chief Brian Kyes

Chief Brian Kyes, Esq.

Chelsea, MA, Police Department



Alex Nowrasteh

Alex Nowrasteh

Cato Institute



Zahra Billoo square
Zahra Billoo, Esq.

Council on American-Islamic Relations



Marisa square NEW

Marisa Gerstein Pineau, PhD

FrameWorks Institute



Denzil square

Denzil Mohammed

The ILC Public Education Institute



Drawing on 14 years of research and a range of expert partners, The ILC Public Education Institute delivers current and credible information through free webinars and interactive online workshops throughout the year. Learn more here.

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