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Student Achievements

Learning English is a means to an end. By improving their English-language skills, students achieve goals such as finding a job, finding a better job, being promoted, entering a training program or college, buying a home, starting a business, and becoming a U.S. citizen. All of these achievements are made possible by the generosity of ILC donors.

Here’s an overview of student achievements in Fiscal Year 2015

Every-day Accomplishments

When you don’t know English, every task is a challenge. For new Americans, these every-day accomplishments are a big deal. Many students reported that for the first time they were able to:

  • Use a computer
  • Make doctor’s appointments and speak with the doctor in English
  • Read an English-language newspaper
  • Pay bills
  • Read street signs
  • Talk to your children’s teacher

Measurable achievements included:

  • Opened a bank account 30
  • Bought a car 11
  • Moved to a new apartment 18
  • Bought a house 2
  • Received a driver’s learning permit 15
  • Received a driver’s license 14
  • Obtained library cards 104
  • Volunteered 19

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  • Obtained a new job 143
  • Obtained a promotion 5
  • Received a raise 23
  • Went on job interview 76
  • Attended a job fair

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  • Attended training programs 32
  • Received certifications 4

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  • Became U.S. citizens 21

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